Boat Fish Finder

  • Modle:FF918-C100W


    1) Display: MVA-TFT-LCD 65536 colors, 320V X 480H

    2) Power output (RMS): 100 W  

    3) Power output (peak-to-peak): 800 W

    4) Operating frequency: 200 KHz(transducer/ 125 KHz ( wireless )

    5) Sonar coverage(transducer mode): 45 degrees at  200KHz 

    6) Sonar coverage(wireless): 90 degrees at 125 KHz  

    7) Depth Units: Meter/Feet

    8) Depth capability:328 feets (transducer mode 200KHZ)/ 140 feets (wireless mode 125KHZ)

    9) Wireless operating range: Up to 328 feets

    10) Target separation: 2.5 inches  

    11) Fresh/Salt Water Environment

    12) Temperature sensor: included in transducer  

    13) Operational Temperature: From -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)

    14) Power input: 10 to 20 V DC / 8 AA alkaline batteries

    15) Transducer mounting: Suction cup mount, wireless

    16) Unit mounting: Portable case  

    17) Clear fish icon, fish alarm

    18) Memory: Built –in memory stores sonar setting when the unit is turned off

    19) W-Sensor could shut down when it is out of the water

    20) W-Sensor battery requirement: One replaceable CR-2032 lithium battery

    21)Operational wireless Frequency: 433.93MHz

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